Solna, Sweden, March 31, 2023 – Melker of Sweden has announced they are establishing a distribution hub in Chicago to expand access to their kayaks in the Great Lakes and Midwest region of the United States.

The next container of kayaks will arrive in the coming days and an additional 40-foot container is already being packed. Melker will continue to regularly ship 40-foot containers to Chicago to ensure there is sufficient stock year-round.

They are currently offering any dealers they visit on their U.S. road trip a special kickstarting campaign, where kayaks can be purchased at a reduced price if one of each model and size is purchased.

Kayaks can be picked up at no additional cost at the Melker of Sweden warehouse in Lake Bluff, Illinois. Delivery can also be arranged along the company’s cost-effective monthly delivery routes.

For more information, contact Pelle Stafshede: [email protected].


Melker of Sweden was founded in 2015 in Hammarö, Sweden by local serial entrepreneur and designer, Pelle Stafshede, with the bold ambition to completely change the game in the outdoor hardware industry.

Our mission is to find out how we can serially produce top quality kayaks as sustainably as possible. In our journey we have tried everything from bamboo to used coffee bean bags. Right now, we believe flax fiber is the best alternative when it comes to quality and sustainability.

Flax fibers are locally grown in Europe and allow our kayaks to achieve the highest possible mechanical properties while significantly reducing their CO2 footprint.

Melker currently offers four sea kayak models: Rödlöga (LV and HV), Ulvön (LV and HV), Väderö and Örskär. A completely bio-based and circular kayak will be commercially available in mid-2023 with two shorter kayak models becoming available in 2024.

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