Oru Kayaks, makers of innovative and lightweight origami-inspired folding kayaks, have returned to Kickstarter with two new 16-foot touring models, the Coast and Coast+. See our in-depth review and video of the original 12-foot Oru, and learn more about these exciting travel kayaks and the features that make them perfect for longer trips and open waters, below.


May 2015 – Oru Kayak launched via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter in 2012 with a 12-foot, origami-inspired folding kayak, the Bay, and the San Francisco-based brand is now expanding its line to include two 16-foot expedition kayaks: the Coast and Coast+.

Meet the Coast and the Coast+
Long anticipated, we’re excited to announce the launch of two new boats: the Coast and the Coast+. Both are engineered for long days on choppy seas, with weather-tested improvements and multi-purpose design, fit for all types of paddlers.

These boats are part of a continued evolution at Oru Kayak, as we’ve learned from and grown with our community. Both kayaks 16′ long, built with all the toughness of traditional sea kayaks, and offer the space expected for longer expeditions, while maintaining the spontaneous folding design that Oru Kayak is known for. And of course, all Oru Kayaks use patented origami technology to fold into compact boxes—small enough to fit in a car trunk, closet, or airplane. They’re proudly made here in California.

Coast comes equipped with basic features, best fit for long day paddles or short overnights. It weighs in at just 31 lbs. and takes under 10 minutes to unfold and setup.
Coast+ takes adventuring one step further, adding design elements that are best fit for multiple-day trips and more rugged seas. It has all of the features of the Coast, plus many more: it includes ratchet buckles for easy assembly, an ergonomic seat for long paddles, thigh braces for control and comfort, full decklines and rigging for storage and rescues, and a super cool folding hatch for gear storage.

OruKayak coast coast

What is new and exciting about the Coast line?
The Coast and Coast+ are expedition kayaks, with notable differences from our original kayak, the Bay:

They are faster than their predecessor, using a longer hull and refined folding design help the boat fly across water.
Both have greatly increased stowage space, enough for your tent, sleeping bag, and the rest of your weekend gear.
The hull design is more stable, with a larger footprint, helping you take on larger bodies of water.



Who should paddle these kayaks?
The Coast and Coast Plus are for everyone–-families, the young, the young-at-heart, design lovers, inexperienced paddlers and the weather-worn–anyone looking for a kayak that offers great portability with great performance. Born in the Pacific Ocean, these two kayaks are fit for many environments: big lakes, coastal shores, wide rivers, and your local pond.


Just like it’s predecessor, the Coast series is proving hugely successful on Kickstarter. Nearly $200,000 has already been pledged, five times more than the $40,000 development goal. Rewards include discounted rates on first-run Coasts and Coast+, and are selling out quickly. Visit Oru’s Kickstarter campaign page to watch a video and learn more.




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