Team Talent, an outdoor marketing agency located in Northern Illinois, was proud to host an all women’s kayaking event by the name of Sip & Paddle 2020. The event was a major success with a full attendance, captivating educational discussions regarding the paddling trails in the area, environmental etiquette as well as mindfulness practices in the Great Outdoors.

Our event began with introductions to one another including many laughs and an abundance of excitement to start our journey on the Nippersink Canoe River Trail in Richmond, Illinois. The sun was out, it was warm with a slight breeze and everyone was immersed in nature. It was the perfect day for a paddle! Shelby Koutas, a founder of Team Talent, began with our first led discussion on mindfulness and wellness in the outdoors. Shelby educated individuals on the basics of mindfulness, outdoor mindful therapy, and the importance of this practice for your mental state especially during these difficult times that many have been experiencing.

The mindfulness discussion was appreciated by everyone and next all gift bags were distributed including all of the sponsored goods. A short and sweet introduction on each sponsor involved in the event was provided. The Official Media Sponsor for the event was Paddling Magazine with a free digital subscription to each participant involved. JuneShine, a hard organic kombucha beverage company out of Oregon, donated cute tote bags to give to all paddlers and hold all of their sponsored goods. We loved connecting with JuneShine as they were an honest company we hope you would support too! Oatmeal bites from Bobo’s Baked Goods out of Boulder, Colorado were included and loved by all paddlers. Dot’s Pretzels from North Dakota were a hit as everyone loved the flavor in the recipe and stated they would be purchasing these tasty pretzels from now on as they never had them previously.

Then there were the natural energy drinks donated from BUBBL’R out of Wisconsin. Everyone enjoyed their BUBBL’R beverage thoroughly with hopes to purchase more at their local stores. Paddlers noted they have not discovered a healthy and fruitful energy drink until we introduced them to BUBBL’R. L’il Suckers donated drink holders to hold our drinks on our kayaks—everyone was impressed with the innovative and creative design. Wet ‘n Wild Outfitters out of Richmond, IL provided kayak rentals and included a shuttle back to our vehicles with our kayaks and enough room for all 10 paddlers. Team Talent is extremely grateful for all of our sponsors and their generosity for the Sip & Paddle 2020 event. The participants truly loved each and every item donated and have formed new ties with each company including now being lifelong customers.

Tote bags sitting on blue kayaks
JuneShine donated tote bags to the event. | Photo: Shelby K

As we consumed these snacks and beverages during our paddle journey there were several pit stops for breaks. At one of the stops an environmental etiquette speech was conducted. Krystal Lee, a co-founder of Team Talent, hosted an educational talk regarding Leave No Trace, which is a non-profit organization creating a standard for outdoor ethics. The speech conveyed the seven Leave No Trace Principles in hopes all individuals can prepare and enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly for present and future events.

As the Leave No Trace speech wrapped up, the paddle continued. The overall paddle was just short of 7 miles, a beginners route as paddlers went with the current and through some exciting small rapids and tree canopies. The event was intimate and allowed women to be immersed in nature as well as form friendships with other women in the outdoors. Each individual had an amazing time and they were grateful for the opportunity to enjoy nature with other like-minded individuals. All attendees would love to participate in another Sip & Paddle hosted by Team Talent and expressed excitement to learn about any other future outdoor events!

Team Talent, an outdoor marketing agency, promotes their passions by supporting outdoor brands, products and services that we believe in. We strive to create a community in the outdoors by creating attainable outdoor events for all levels such as the Sip & Paddle, to educate others and create a welcoming environment!

A round of applause to the Great Outdoors, all sponsors, paddlers and those involved. We cannot wait to get back on the water with future kayaking events so stay tuned and cheers until next time!

Team Talent LLC
Shelby & Krystal


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