SAN DIEGO—May 16, 2023—Sirius Signal, the leader in marine safety innovations, announced today that the float plan used in its marine safety app has updated functionality and been relaunched as Afloat Plan Home, separate from the Sirius Signal brand.

“Since it originally launch in 2019, the app has been well received and used by a great many people recreating on the water,” said Anthony Covelli, Sirius Signal CEO. “With the summer boating season right around the corner, we’re pleased to offer a free download of Afloat Plan Home on iOS and Android platforms starting on May 20.”

No other app makes it easier to let others know you arrived back home after a day on the water. Once set up, it takes just seconds to send alerts via text message to contacts. All other options to fill out and send a float plan require writing in or filling out forms that you fax or email, according to Elio Betty, publisher of BoatUS Magazine. “This is simple, fast and brilliant,” he said.

Users of watercraft of all types—boats, kayaks, jet skis and paddleboards—can send their description and starting point in a text. Pick the time started and the time expected to return. If the trip is not ended, the provided contacts will be reached with the user’s last known location and a link to a map showing their area of operation. A unique offline interactive looped voice synthesized first aid treatment guide that includes common on the water emergencies is also included.

“All activities on water start afloat and hopefully you stay afloat,” Covelli said. “Afloat Plan is just that—a plan to let others know you remained afloat the entire time and you are safely back.”

Photo: Courtesy of Sirius Signal

The number one safety element for watercraft enthusiasts is a life jacket. The second most important thing those on the water can do is let someone know what they are doing and when they expect to return. The Afloat Plan app offers an easy way to do that.

About Sirius Signal

Sirius Signal produces U.S. Coast Guard- and Transport Canada-approved day and nighttime distress devices with a focus on safety, technology, effectiveness and sustainability. To learn more about purchasing Sirius Signal devices or being a part of our team, visit us at or call 888-526-0005.


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