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This video highlight reel showcases the best of the worst SUP fails you have ever seen.

Those who have tried a standup paddleboard before know that there is a learning curve getting used to the balancing. It doesn’t take much to fall off one if you are new to the sport.

Paddleboarding can be relaxing and peaceful but it can also be very humbling. This is clearly shown in the display of overconfident paddlers trying the more advance maneuvers like handstands or tree jumping. We are thankful for their efforts.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced paddler, you should always wear your PFD. They even make belt pack PFDs so you don’t get those unwanted tan lines.

We also wouldn’t recommend your first time on a paddleboard be next to the dock where you could fall and hit your head. There are a few of these cringe-worthy moments on display in the video.

If you are looking to purchase a SUP, we recommend checking out the paddleboards in our Paddling Buyers Guide.

Sit back and enjoy!


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