Werner Paddles Demshitz Limited Edition Paddles

The following is a press release from Werner Paddles, September 17, 2014.

In the late ‘50s Martha and Werner Sr. took their family paddling and a love affair was born. More than just the time on the water, it was the travel to exciting places, the camping, the time around the fire. Family and friends, new and old. Adventures were had, new ond were hashed out and memories that would last a lifetime were made. Through it all, Werner Paddles was born.

Today we still live this lifestyle. We live it through our own adventures, and through those that work for and with us. We live it through our team members, and with our paddles that travel to the world’s rivers in the hands of stoked boaters. So help us celebrate that lifestyle with our Demshitz limited edition. Who embodies the river lifestyle better? 

Available in Demshitz-trusted and approved Powerhouse and Sherpa models, in all shaft options, this limited edition color and graphics package hits stores 9/18/14 and lives on until Demshitz decides. 


The story behind Demshitz:

“What are them shits up to now?” “Where them shits get off to this time?” These were the words that started it all, a disgruntled Jay Seiler and “Big Dave” Fusilli yelling out from a campfire wondering where their boys had gotten off to—a long day on the river wasn’t enough to tire their rambunctious energy. It all started with family, Jay Seiler and his two boys Jared and Graham, and “Big Dave” and Dave Fusilli. The river lifestyle was THE lifestyle. As the boys turned to men, their passion for pushing the limits of their paddling—and maybe the partying too, at times—drew attention. More and more people wanted to be part of that energy, Demshitz was born, and more friends joined their extended family. Where Demshitz headed now? Well, they continue to push the limits, showing their talents on the river with a wry smile. Never forgetting the time their dads spent with them, they’re giving that gift back to others who want to laugh, learn, follow a line or share a beer. When it comes down to it, we’re all Demshitz, so let’s go celebrate the river lifestyle. 



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