Video: How To Do A Sweep Stroke

The sweep stroke is one of the core skills new whitewater kayakers can learn. It allows for turning the kayak effectively and efficiently, and can be used for greater control in both flatwater and whitewater conditions. In this beginner skills video, Simon from Aquabatics Calgary shows the basics of this useful core stroke.

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Aquabatics Calgary was founded in 1999 by Susan Azofeifa. In 2009, after running starting up and running the kayak school Simon Coward and his wife Nikki purchased the business and have been running it ever since. The business has been built on, and continues to run on the foundation that every customer experience is a quality one and most importantly personalized. Whether it is on the water with our internationally certified instructors, in our Calgary store, through our You Tube channel or our industry leading website. We strive to ensure every interaction with customers and paddlers is a positive one. Our staff are and ownership are stoked on what we do, and we think it shows in the product we deliver.


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