Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization

Imagine waking up in a place where a schedule is not needed, a place that allows you to just be, to follow your authentic sense of discovery and uncover unexpected moments behind every corner. A visit to Ontario’s Highlands, located just 30 minutes from Ottawa and 2.5 hours from Toronto, is about more than discovering the place, it’s about discovering your true self; your inner wanderer. With our rugged and mysterious landscape, Ontario’s Highlands is the perfect backdrop for an unrehearsed day, one that is not easily forgotten, but is instead is always cherished. #ComeWander our region and connect while strolling through the breath-taking trails and small towns; feel all of your senses come to life as you challenge mother nature on skis or a raft filled with friends; reconnect with loved ones while enjoying a delicious meal or learning about local foods and beverages; be amazed by the limestone backdrop and story of our Earth as you tour an ancient underground cave; discover the history of the land and its people; recharge in a rural retreat; or find your true self in the last place you ever thought to look –on a secluded dock, surrounded by a moon-lit lake and a handful of new friends.