Scott MacGregor

Scott MacGregor is the co-founder and publisher of Paddling Magazine.

The Dreaded Driverless Shuttle For Paddling Trips

Is the recent article in Car and Driver right in that, “Driverless cars are supposedly imminent”? Inside, thought leader Malcolm Gladwell suggests driverless cars, like smartphones, are going to...

Get The Kids Paddling

Scott MacGregor is frustrated with the guidelines that are stopping kids from getting on the water.

The World Is Different. Paddle Forever

Scott MacGregor reflects on the past 20 years of Paddling Magazine.

The Happy-Sad Phase Of Paddle Travel

Scott MacGregor talks about the different phases we feel after an epic adventure.

Sea Kayak Review: Stellar Kayaks’ Intrepid LV Touring Kayak

The new British-style sea kayak with a thoroughbred bloodline.

Whitewater Canoe Paddles For Adventure Seekers

From Ireland to Germany, which paddle do you like best?

AIRE’s BAKraft Expedition Packraft Review

I’d recently returned from a tradeshow where AIRE had just revealed their new BAKraft Expedition packraft when I received an email from Cameron Dubé pitching a bikepacking packrafting story....