When Liquidlogic launched a campaign during the winter of 2011 called “Automatic for the People” asking paddlers what they wanted to see added to the company’s 2012 line-up, the response was overwhelming: a flat hull creek boat. Several months later (after leaving the Jefe and Remix alone for a few nights together) the Liquidlogic Stomper was born.

Designer Shane Benedict says, “All these people had different passions and different concepts but the number one thing they wanted was a flat hull creek boat.” Will the Stomper be the true love paddlers have been looking for?

Liquidlogic Stomper
80 / 90 Specs
Length: 8’2” / 8’5”
Width: 26” / 27”
Volume: 80 / 90 U.S. gal
Weight: 46 / 49 lbs
Weight Range: 110-210 / 170-270 lbs
MSRP: $1,099

The Liquidlogic Stomper is a nice ride

If you want a comfortable boat, you want the Stomper. Liquidlogic’s super plush Bad Ass Outfitting hugs your curves in all the right places. The upgraded backband system sits low on your back and flips up to allow unparalleled access to the stern for extra cargo.

While other boats we’ve tested relied on speed and edging to get you around the river, the Liquidlogic Stomper is all about spinning and riding over anything. This boat is by far the most rockered in the group, making it a boofing machine. It slides over rocks, skips over holes and flies off ledges without needing to be moving at Mach 1.

Softer edges require a sure touch

Add to the rocker profile a semi-planing hull and very soft, wide, chamfered edges and the Stomper is easy to maneuver mid-rapid. You can flirt all you want with boily crosscurrents and waves without much thought and still be forgiven—those edges just won’t catch.

The tradeoff to softer edges is that you can’t carve out of holes as easily as in a boat with harder rails. You also need to be very aggressive to avoid spinning out on eddylines. Keeping your weight forward and charging hard is the key to snapping the Stomper into those tiny eddies.

Woman paddles through rapids in a Liquidlogic Stomper kayak
Feature Photo: Michael Mechan

A hard-driving creek boat

The Liquidlogic Stomper isn’t really built for play and leans hard toward the creeking side of things. Surfing waves, it tends to noodle around rather than carve. We found the Stomper had less primary stability than any of the other boats in the shootout—a result of the semi-planing hull’s narrower footprint. Lean the boat over to the side, however, and you’ll find bomber secondary stability.

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Don’t tread lightly with the Liquidlogic Stomper

Our testers agreed, while some of the features of the Liquidlogic Stomper are a plus for beginners—like not having any edges to catch and the ease with which it maneuvers around—it is better suited for advanced paddlers looking to charge tight, technical rivers, slide down rocks and boof everything in sight. If you’re tired of playing around, take a Stomper for a romp.

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