Walkthrough Of The New Dagger Indra (Video)

The newest whitewater design combines the best of skippy creek boats and the half-slice revolution

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Are we in the most innovative age of river-running design yet? The latest whitewater boat from Dagger, the Indra, makes a solid case in this video walkthrough.

The Indra is a boat built for high-volume creek runs. It’s a design that blends two of the most loved whitewater kayak concepts today: long, skippy, high-rocker creek boats, and the play the river half-slice movement.

What you have in the Indra is a boat designed to carry speed while also having an enormous amount of bow and stern rocker to ride over and skip out of drops. Its planing hull is 26.5- or 27.5-inches wide, keeping it floating high in big water, and capable of deftly slipping around the river with a playful confidence.

The stern of Dagger's new whitewater design.
Profile of the new Dagger Indra. Image: Dagger Kayaks

The Indra also utilizes perhaps the most sought-after element in boat design today, a tapered stern. While a kayak like the Rewind has a very low volume tail to stand on end for days, the Indra’s half-slice stern is geared toward river running performance.

In the words of the Dagger crew, “A tapered deck allows the boat to slice through currents load the stern and skip through rapids. The ability to slice the stern beneath the water transforms the Indra into a sporty creeker. A camber in the wide tail turns the momentum of a climbing bow into controlled and playful downstream momentum.”

The Indra also sports Dagger’s new Contour Ergo Engage thigh braces—the brand’s first redesign of this outfitting component in decades.

Dagger Indra Specs

Small / Medium

Paddler Weight: 110 – 190 lb / 50 – 86 kg
Volume: 75 G / 284 L
Kayak Weight: 51.5 lb / 23.5 kg
Length: 8’ 11” / 272.5 cm
Width: 26.5” / 67.5 cm

Medium / Large

Paddler Weight: 140 – 250 lb / 63.5 – 113.5 kg
Volume: 90 G / 340.5 L
Kayak Weight: 53.5 lb / 24.25 kg
Length: 9’ / 274.5 cm
Width: 27.5” / 70 cm

Learn more about the Indra at Dagger Kayaks.

Feature Image: Dagger Kayaks

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