The Pyranha S6F kayak is one of the new generation of high-performance, easy-to-paddle freestyle boats.  It delivers high performance features and the ability to progress your freestyle paddling past your current boundaries, all in a fun Pyranha package.

Pyranha S6F Specs
(191 / 192 / 193)
Length: 6’2” / 6’3” / 6’4”
Width: 25.2” / 26.4” / 26.4”
Volume: 40.9 / 51.5 / 57.1 U.S. gal
Weight: 31.9 / 33 / 35.2 lbs
Weight Range: 88-154 / 132-198 / 180-270 lbs
MSRP: $1,099 USD or $1,610 CAD

S6F stands for Freestyle

Pyranha has been tweaking their S6 for a couple years, offering the classic S6, tricked out S6X and the S6F, “F” being freestyle.

Pyranha’s cockpit layout is top shelf, but carry a toolbox if you want to do on-river tweaks. It’s the thigh braces that offer the most tweaking—sliding, pivoting angle, and arcing over. Super custom, but even the American Chopper dudes (without the use of their blowtorch) couldn’t find tall testers any more knee and foot room.

Keep your boat tilting

The S6F is perhaps the most under-hyped freestyle boat. Everyone was blown away by how unbelievably fast you surfed around.

On steep, bouncy waves the speed was almost overwhelming and perhaps wasted, but on two-to three-foot slower waves the speed is the difference between fun carves, spins and blunts and flushing bye-bye. On small features, the wide, full stern (compared to say the Big Wheel) stayed on the surface of the pile, keeping your boat tilting and surfing down the face.

man paddles in Pyranha S6F freestyle kayak
Feature Photo: Rapid Staff

The S6F has a one-track mind

The great thing about the V-stern is that it keeps bringing you back straight into a frontsurf. The very same thing can be its downfall, however, as the boat keeps wanting to bring you back straight into a frontsurf.

The S6F is a great pour-over boat: short, slicey, with lots of midship pop volume. The concave bow and stern do lock in your loops.

Pros and cons of the Pyranha S6F

Pro: Super fast, greasy loose. Fun on all features big and small.

Con: Limited knee and especially foot room. Trippy stern. Price.


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