Speed and inflatable aren’t mutually exclusive terms with Sea Eagle’s Razorlite series. Debuted in 2016, the Razorlites are the world’s first all drop stitch inflatable kayak series. With this innovation, Sea Eagle promises improved rigidity, speed and overall performance.

We tested the almost 11-foot solo 393rl, but Sea Eagle also makes the 473rl in the Razorlite series, which is 15.5 feet long and designed for tandem paddling.

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl
Assembly Time 7 minutes
12 ft 10 in
Width 28
35 lbs
$949 USD


Either way, set up is simple. Once unrolled, the three air chambers of the 393rl pump up in minutes. Once inflated, the open deck, thin sidewalls and flat bottom of the 393rl is reminiscent of a canoe, like Sea Eagle’s Travel Canoe. That’s because the 393rl’s all-drop-stitch construction uses hundreds of thousands of tiny threads inside the three inflation chambers to give the high-pressure hull a sleek shape and narrow side walls. The drop-stitch construction also allows the 393rl to be inflated to 10 psi—double the inflation rating of most inflatables. Rock solid.

To outfit the kayak, simply clip in the high back seat and insert the footrests and you’re on your way. Our loaner arrived with a nifty seat bag for storing on-water essentials. It’s thanks to the near rock-solid rigidity that the 393rl feels like a hardshell recreational kayak on the water. Both bow and stern are made of rigid plastic and tapered, increasing efficiency and ease cutting through waves. A skeg further aids tracking. Without rocker, the waterline is maximized, and at just 24 inches wide at the waterline, the Razorlite has an extra sleek profile.

Thanks to the speedy, lightweight design, the 393rl is ideal for fitness paddlers and day trippers on the move. We’re convinced a spartan paddler could squeeze in with enough gear for an overnight adventure. Certainly, it won’t be the generous 500-pound load capacity holding you back.

And when it comes time to head home, the RazorLite 393rl rolls up into a comfortable backpack-style bag measuring about 22 by 22 by 12 inches.


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