How To Do A Low Brace In A Canoe

The low brace is incredibly effective at preventing you from capsizing to your onside in a canoe. It allows you to reposition your body so that you can regain a stable posture with your head over your tailbone, which itself is centred above the...

Canoeing Supports Healthy Relationships

The world's longest-running study on happiness has great news for wilderness canoeists.

How To Make Cowboy Coffee That Actually Tastes Good...

Learn to make a great backcountry coffee the old-fashioned way for your camping adventures. This technique, often called cowboy...

Expert Tips To Solo Your Canoe (Video)

Solo your canoe so you can discover your own adventure while spending quality time alone in nature. From a...

Go Faster With The Kayak Forward Stroke

Ninety-nine percent of the time you spend in your sea kayak is devoted to paddling forward. With a cadence...

Why Paddler Bill Mason’s Legacy Will Never Die

Bill’s enduring memory has to do with the fact his message was never just about canoeing.

Why The SUP Resale Market Is About To Change

The racing SUP resale market has languished for a decade, but everything is about to change.
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