The K-Bomb Octopod Sprayskirt from Bomber Gear explodes onto the whitewater scene as a perfect mix of function and fashion.

Man standing beside whitewater kayak wearing sprayskirtAs soon as I picked up the K-Bomb I noticed how beefy it felt. The rubber rand is just the right size to provide a great seal yet not too bulky that it’s a pain to get under your cockpit rim.

A super tough-feeling outer ring protects the high wear areas that rub on your boat; this durability will appeal to any kayaker who’s had to empty boats out by sliding them across the deck.

The K-Bomb uses what Bomber Gear calls Sub Screen technology. To make it, they pressure inject Teflon-based ink into the pores of the skirt’s neoprene to create wicked water repellency with added durability. The result is an incredibly smooth-feeling fabric that sheds water fast—no more annoying drips onto your legs from water sitting on the top of the deck and seeping through.

The solid seams are sealed with a four-step process called Bomblock Construction, making them reliably strong and watertight.

Rounding out some of the thoughtful design features are a rubberized pull handle that keeps a large triangular shape for easy grabbing and the WickClip, which lets you easily buckle your skirt up and out of the way while walking. The clip is also handy for hanging to dry at the end of the day.

Available in a variety of cockpit and tunnel sizes it’s important you get the right fit as we found the skirts don’t stretch quite as much as those without the Sub Screen neoprene. I was glad to see that Bomber Gear has measurements in their extensive online sizing guide to help me find the perfect fit.

Bomber Gear makes it clear that serious equipment doesn’t have to look boring. The K-bomb Octopod is a great choice for kayakers who paddle hard and want to look good too. It is available in several prints but the intricate tentacle design of the Octopod stands out as my favorite option.

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Fashion meets function. | Photo: Emma Drudge


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