Bomber Gear Bomb Dry Suit Review

BG Bomb Dry Suit smSince reinventing itself for the 2012 paddling season, Bomber Gear has released an array of apparel to keep paddlers warm, dry and protected.

The coming 2013 paddling season will see the anticipated release of their Bomb Dry Suit. First impressions leave us thinking it’ll live up to it’s name.

The suit is  reinforced with armor where it’s needed and feels more heavy duty than anything else we’ve seen on the market. Reinforced shoulder panels, seat, knees shins and elbows have us thinking about cold spring creeking.

Bomber gear has double-stiched, taped and patched the wrist and neck gaskets and guarantees dryness. It’ll take some thrashing before we know for sure, but on first examination, it sure looks like a blowout is unlikely. The rubberized double tunnel accommodates a skirt and is adjustable with familiar velcro tabs.

It’s a rear entry suit with a TiZip closure is horizontal across the shoulders. For its inaugural year, the suit will come with a front pee-zip for dudes (and talented ladies). Demand will undoubtedly determine whether a drop seat version will be released in the future.

The Bomb also looks about as stylish as one could hope to be in a head-to-toe nylon onesie. It also seems to offer a slightly trimmer fit than the other more fashion-forward suits out there, a plus for cockpit comfort and more agility if (and when) we end up swimming.

It has a middle-of-the-road price tag for what certainly feels like a top-performance suit. The heavy-duty materials will likely affect breathability and the finishing puts protection at the forefront at the cost of light weight. Keep these trade-offs in mind: This is a suit for those who want to push the limits in tougher conditions. | MSRP: $899

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