Fresh Look: Kokatat Session Jacket And Pants

Kokatat has some great new apparel products for 2018. They introduced a new fabric called hydrus 2.5 that is a two-and-a-half layer waterproof, breathable fabric.

The first in the new line is the Session jacket. It is a semi-dry paddling jacket with latex wrist gaskets. The collar is Kokatat’s neo-synch neoprene collar. Though it’s not completely dry, you can adjust the tension of the collar on your neck for comfort. The jacket also has a double tunnel, so you can use it with your kayak skirt to keep the water off of your lower body.

The session line also has a pair of semi-dry pants. The pants are the same hydrus 2.5 fabric, and also have a neoprene cuff at the ankles to keep your legs dry.

For more great products, check out the video below:


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