Broussard, LA – Basin Boat Lighting Safety Lighting Systems announces the addition of its smartphone emergency app, dubbed appBird, to the currently available lineup of hi-tech SmartBird safety lighting products.

Available for both iOS and android smartphones, the deployment of Basin’s innovative appBird gives the recreational boater and kayaker a way to request emergency help and notify a designated emergency contact–right after dialing 911.

When activated, the SOS function on the app will allow Basin Boat Lighting to assist in summoning local emergency personnel to the user’s last known GPS location and notify a designated emergency contact that an emergency has occurred.

Working in connection with the app, the SmartBird safety lighting system on board the boat or kayak responds to an SOS activation by immediately activating its spotlight and horn. The light and horn will flash and beep to assist first responders in locating the vessel needing help.

Additionally, the user’s name, call back number and GPS location are sent to Basin Boat Lighting, who backs up the emergency notification with GPS coordinates.

Point of view from fishing kayak at night with two lights shining on waters ahead.

The United States Coast Guard 2021 Report on Recreational Boating Statistics sheds light on the many potential dangers related to recreational boating and kayaking. Collisions and running aground or into underwater objects pose grave dangers to boating enthusiasts each day. Created after a near catastrophic boating accident involving a submerged log, Basin Boat Lighting’s original line of safety lighting systems incorporates USCG required safety features into one self-contained, easy-to-use system.

Basin Boat Lighting is owned by local U.S. Navy veteran Brian Signorelli who, like many in Acadiana, spends much of his free time fishing and hunting in the Atchafalaya Basin. The full line of available SmartBird safety lighting systems can be found at

Red Vibe fishing kayak on a stand with a light mounted on the front.


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