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Peak paddleboards were made by Isle Surf & SUP and sold exclusively on Amazon. They have recently been discontinued, but are still available on the used market. Peak inflatable paddleboards offer solid performance, with advanced features like drop stitch floors for greater air pressure levels and better paddling efficiency.

Peak standup paddleboards include models for fitness, touring and easy surf; they’re all easy to transport in a convenient backpack and inflate quickly and easily when you arrive at the beach. What’s more, Peak paddleboards strike a nice balance between versatility, all-around performance and price.

However, Peak paddleboards have had limited distribution in recent years. You may find good deals on used Peak inflatable paddleboards in larger urban markets on buy-and-sell platforms like Craigslist in larger urban markets. Or, look to newer (and similarly budget-friendly) paddleboards by Isle Surf & SUP.

This article will provide an overview of the Peak paddleboard lineup to help you make an informed purchase.

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The following Peak paddleboards have received the highest star ratings by reviewers in our Paddling Buyer’s Guide. See and review all Peak paddleboards here.

Best Peak Paddleboards

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The links in this section will take you to our comprehensive Paddling Buyer’s Guide, where you’ll find all the best Peak paddleboards, including reviews and ratings. You can choose to filter Peak paddleboards by type and application, such as expedition and yoga.

Then, click on specific models to see specs, prices and reviews, with the opportunity to compare to other similar paddleboards. You simply will not find a better SUP buyer’s guide resource on the web.

Shopping for a used Peak paddleboard?

Shopping for a used Peak paddleboard will be your best bet if you’re set on this brand, since production of new boards has ceased (look at Peak manufacturer Isle Surf & SUP for a similar new inflatable SUP). Buying used offers the benefit of trying before you buy—something that wasn’t possible with new Peak paddleboards on Amazon.

You might find great deals on used Peak paddleboards on buy-and-sell websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Think you’ve found a contender? Here are some tips for making a good used Peak inflatable SUP purchase:

  • Peak paddleboards are available for various uses, including fitness, touring and all-around use (for one or more paddlers). Buy the right type of used inflatable SUP for your paddling preferences by researching the particular Peak paddleboard model in advance to determine whether or not it truly meets your needs.
  • Give the used Peak paddleboard a once-over, looking for damage to the hull (bottom) and deck. Inflatable paddleboards need to be airtight to remain buoyant, so it’s a good idea to inflate the paddleboard and apply gentle pressure to the board, listening for leaks. Be sure to inspect the valve, too. Now’s the time to also take it out on the water for a test paddle.
  • Try to determine how the paddleboard was stored. An inflatable paddleboard that was stored outdoors in the sun is subject to damaging UV radiation, which weakens the SUP’s exterior. Fading is a good indicator of UV damage. Check for staining and mold on the inflatable paddleboard as well; these are clear indicators that the SUP was stored wet, which may compromise its longevity.
  • Taking the SUP for a test paddle is the best way to find out whether the Peak paddleboard model works for you in terms of performance, handling and comfort.

For more tips on what to look for when selecting a used paddleboard, read our article How To Buy A Used Paddleboard.

Peak paddleboard buying advice

Looking for a Peak paddleboard? You’re a couple of years late, since production of Peak inflatable paddleboards stopped around 2019. However, it’s still possible to find used Peak paddleboards (see tips on how to shop for a used Peak paddleboard, above).

Peak paddleboards are noted for their lightweight, high-quality construction, solid all-around performance and good prices. These boards were constructed of tough, military-grade PVC plastic with welded seams. Drop stitch floors allow the boards to be inflated to a higher pressure for greater paddling efficiency.

Peak focused on customers who prioritized ease of storage and transport in SUPs. Peak inflatable paddleboards deflate and store in a convenient backpack, which will easily fit in the smallest condo closet and is perfect for travel. Some popular models include:

  • The Peak 10’ yoga fitness inflatable SUP features great stability and a comfortable deck for on-the-water yoga.
  • The Peak 12’ Titan is an oversized, 45-inch-wide inflatable SUP that has room for two-to-five paddlers—perfect for fun on the water with family or friends.
  • The Peak 10’6” inflatable paddleboard is an excellent all-arounder, with great stability for beginners and drop stitch construction for greater performance.
  • The Peak 11’ Expedition inflatable paddleboard has plenty of deck space, bungees and volume for longer SUP journeys.

Here are the answers to some common internet search phrases related to Peak paddleboards.

  • Is Peak a good paddleboard?

    Peak manufactured high-quality paddleboards for all-around use at value-minded prices. These inflatable paddleboards featured durable construction in military-grade PVC plastic with welded seams and drop stitch floors for greater stiffness and performance. Its inflatable boards have largely been rolled into the lineup of Isle SUPs.

  • Who makes Peak paddleboards?

    Peak paddleboards were manufactured by Isle SUP & Surf, a San Diego-based paddlesports brand offering consumer-direct sales across the United States. Peak paddleboards were sold exclusively on Amazon.

  • Did Peak paddleboards go out of business?

    Peak inflatable paddleboards have been difficult to find since 2019 when distribution stopped on Amazon. However, used Peak paddleboards can be found on buy-and-sell platforms. Consider Isle SUP & Surf (the original manufacturer of Peak) for similar options in high-quality, reasonably priced SUPs.

Peak paddleboard reviews

Paddling Magazine is your best online resource for Peak paddleboard reviews. Reviews will highlight the board’s performance and features, and provide insight on where it’s best paddled and by whom.

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