Dane Jackson

I would love to make music. I definitely love to rap. One more thing to look up to Rush Sturges for, besides kayaking.

Tyler Bradt

I like to crochet hats.

Claire O’Hara

I once represented Great Britain in soccer.

Adriene Levknecht

A lot of people don’t know that I actually work as a paramedic for the largest EMS agency in South Carolina.

Mariann Saether

I used to be a baton twirler for 12 years. I led my local marching band in parades. Yeah!

Sage Donnelly

I have a deep love for Chinese food—sweet and sour bean curd to be specific. Oh, and jelly beans.

Erik Boomer

I am a pretty good seamster—that’s a male seamstress.

Chris Gragtmans

I am also a commercial real estate broker and investor. That world absolutely fascinates me. I hope to be part of the fight against urban sprawl.

Nick Troutman

I like art, painting, drawing and creating.

Ben Stookesberry

I love to Rollerblade

Corran Addison

I’m a dedicated student of 19th and early 20th century European history, and to a lesser degree classical history of about 400 BCE to about 400 CE. And I love racing sport bikes.

Nouria Neuman

Outside kayaking I’m a little bit of a dork. I studied political science, I love weird books, modern art museums and I would be very happy if you took me to a good opera or classical music concert.

Bren Orton

I can read.


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