The cutting-edge smartBird Safety Lighting Systems from Basin Boat Lighting that keep boaters and kayakers safer on the water has just received a highly prized Utility Patent from the United States Patent and Trade Office. The Broussard based, veteran-owned and operated company received it’s Design Patent for the Safety Lighting Systems earlier this year.

Each unit incorporates several U.S. Coast Guard required onboard safety features in one easy-to-use piece of equipment, making safety on the water as easy as can be. Utility Patents protect what an invention does, how it is used and most importantly, how the product works.

Used by both the average everyday boater or kayaker, and marine law enforcement officials of multiple counties, the smartBird line of products features the earlyBird and brightBird models to choose from.

Both the brightBird and earlyBird models for boats and kayaks provide visual (super-bright LED lights) and audible (105-decibel horn) signaling and distress tools that are critical for boaters and kayakers to stay safe—particularly before dawn or when out later than expected after sunset. The “plug and play” design makes them incredibly easy and convenient to use.

“We were especially thrilled to be awarded a Utility Patent for our lighting systems,” said Brian Signorelli, owner of Basin Boat Lighting. “A Utility Patent is only awarded if a newly created or invented product is unlike anything else out there.”

“When a near-miss boating accident in the Atchafalaya Basin nearly took me out while fishing, I immediately told myself there’s got to be a better way to make it home safely after a day on the water besides holding a Q-Beam spotlight in one hand and steering the boat with the other,” Signorelli continued.

After creating and revising a prototype, Signorelli began production of the Safety Lighting Systems. With a nod to the many types of waterfowl found in one of America’s favorite swamps, the smartBird line of Safety Lighting Systems was hatched.

Each unit features a USB port to keep mobile phones charged and ready to use in an emergency and a convenient Bluetooth key fob, or remote control, to operate the entire system from the captain’s chair. An optional app is available for both Apple and Android users that will operate the system using a mobile phone and, if subscribed to, alert first responders and emergency contacts that help is needed.

Locally owned Basin Boat Lighting is owned by U.S. Navy Veteran and avid Louisiana fisherman Brian Signorelli. For more information, go to


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