Bill Mason’s Grumman canoe, pictured above right, is currently on auction on eBay

“This 17′ aluminum canoe with keel has been well used by Bill Mason and his family and friends over the years. It is in great condition but has a lot of small dents and scratches and one big dent at the stern (see pics). It has been well loved and taken on many Mason family canoe trips including a starring role in Bill Mason’s movie Song of the Paddle. Interested people should know that we currently have no plans to auction off any other Bill Mason canoes in the immediate future,” reads the seller information online. 

The Mason family is auctioning off some of his memorabilia to raise money for Joyce Mason’s retirement fund. 

_1.JPG“The Mason family is honoured to have most of the Bill Mason photographs, papers, equipment and two of his canoes safely in the collections of four of Canada’s national museums. Of course, we have set aside things for the Mason family to cherish, but we are offering the remainder of the memorabilia to those who would truly appreciate them.”

An additional collection of items were auctioned off last week, including canvas packs and book. The Canadian Canoe Museum won the bid. 


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