Canadian paddlesport company, Great Escape Kayaks, has been appointed exclusive partner for KAYAKOMAT by Point 65 Sweden, a hugely successful Swedish SaaS concept in the sharing economy with more than 100 outlets in Sweden and other countries.

“Being located in Alberta, we were happy to establish the very first Canadian KAYAKOMATs here in the province,” says Tim Rosadiuk, co-owner and president of Great Escape Kayaks.

Mr. Rosadiuk continues, “We will set up about 20 KAYAKOMATs in Canada this spring, with a roll out plan of several dozen KAYAKOMATs per year thereafter. Two entrepreneurial-spirited young women were our first Canadian operators and they had a blast operating their KAYAKOMATs.”

Man paddling a kayak.
Photo: Courtesy of KAYAKOMAT

The KAYAKOMAT concept offers several advantages over traditional manned rental operations:

  • Overhead costs are lower because the operator doesn’t need an employee physically present. They only need to be available by phone, text or email to help with any issues that may arise.
  • Kayak and SUP rentals can be offered in locations that would not otherwise be economically feasible, multiplying paddling opportunities for users.
  • Availability, high-quality equipment and an impeccable safety record makes paddling accessible to many more paddlers. Note the following comment: “We live in a condo so don’t have the space to be able to own our own kayak. Your rental system makes it easy to go kayaking every weekend and the rates are affordable.” —AD Edmonton, Alberta
  • Easy and safe accessibility to outdoor activities make parks, campgrounds, and beaches more attractive to locals and tourists alike. Note what one municipality observed, “Having KAYAKOMAT kayaks at our municipal campgrounds enhanced our visitors’ experience with an easy online process. We are definitely having KAYAKOMAT in our campgrounds next year.”

The company behind KAYAKOMAT is Point 65 Sweden, Scandinavia’s leading paddlesports brand with over 15 years’ experience operating kayak and SUP rental stations throughout Sweden. Richard Ohman, founder and owner, says, “We saw an opportunity to innovate the rental process and created KAYAKOMAT, an automated self-service concept which is a huge success.”

Mr. Ohman continues, “We are rapidly expanding with hundreds of self-service outlets in Sweden and internationally. KAYAKOMAT is the world’s largest paddlesports rental company. We are very excited to bring KAYAKAOMAT to Canada through our long-time local distribution partner, Great Escape Kayaks.”

Woman in single kayak and man and girl in tandem kayak.
Photo: Courtesy KAYAKOMAT

How It Works

KAYAKOMAT has a central online booking system ( with integrated smart locks and a specially developed covered stand—the KAYAKOMAT. The kiosk has a very small footprint (about eight feet by 12 feet) and virtually no negative environmental impact. It requires no electrical, water or even internet connections, just a relatively flat patch of ground. The worldwide booking site gives each location amazing online visibility.

When customers book their kayak rental, they automatically receive a code that unlocks the kayak and all necessary safety equipment. A KAYAKOMAT can thus be run as a partially unmanned part-time activity. The operator only needs to visit the kiosk periodically depending on usage to make sure the equipment is clean and fully functional.

KAYAKOMAT by Point 65 Sweden is now looking for interested municipalities and private landowners that would like to offer residents and visitors the opportunity of a safe and healthy outdoor activity with close to zero impact on the environment. KAYAKOMAT is also looking for individuals and companies to operate their local KAYAKOMATs on a franchise basis. For more information, please contact [email protected].


  1. Hello, Would you be able to contact me and send me information on the kayak/SUP rental system. We operate the Fish Lake Campground and would like to look into a possible setup there.



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