River trips bring home harrowing tales of whitewater sure, but let’s be honest, the most memorable part of every river trip is camp. The time spent with friends on sandy beaches, surrounded by canyon walls, listening to the white noise of churning water. And nothing quite says a night around the camp circle like the comfort of being tucked under a puffy.

Storied rafting outfitter OARS and puffy blanket brand Rumpl caught on to the fact and launched a new brand partnership, with Rumpl as the exclusive blanket sponsor of OARS and OARS events starting this river season.

Rumpl and OARs launch partnership
Feature Image: Courtesy OARS

Rumpl and OARS launch partnership

“The river has always provided a special sense of sanctuary, adventure and community for myself, so I’m personally excited to be working with a company as respected and experienced as OARS to amplify the benefits of Rumpl gear in those unique settings,” shared Josh Weichhand, Rumpl’s vice president of global brand marketing, in a recent press release.

The Rumpl brand was born out of the van life. They are most well known for their original, stuffable, puffy blanket, but they also produce quick-drying, sand-repelling towels made to go anywhere and puffy ponchos, among other cozy gear.

OARS, founded in 1969, offers 75 itineraries worldwide including classic multi-day trips such as the Grand Canyon, Middle Fork of the Salmon and Rogue. Now, right alongside a paddle and helmet, guests, guides and support staff will have their pick of Rumpl gear as creature comforts.

“Since the beginning, OARS has been proud of the company we keep, from our world-class guides to the people behind the scenes making each trip happen,” Steve Markle, vice president of sales and marketing for OARS, also shared in the press release. “We’re excited to welcome Rumpl into the fold—and provide our guests and crew with some cozy blankets to stay warm and comfortable in the wild places we love most.”

With the partnership, count on the OARS camp to be the life of the river this season and puffy ponchos trending among guide wardrobes.



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