Team Dagger’s 2015 Roster

GREENVILLE, S.C. (March 12, 2015) – Team Dagger’s 2015 roster includes 21 top-caliber paddlers who are progressing the sport of kayaking as they explore uncharted rivers, compete in elite kayaking events, and share their passion for rivers and adventure with the next generation. Buoyed by four talented newcomers, Adriene LevknechtBen BrownBrad McMillan and Haley Mills, the team will be led by veteran team manager Chris Gragtmans.

“Team Dagger is an incredible collection of the best kayakers in every whitewater discipline, from world champions and inspirational instructors, to adventurers who seek out the most beautiful, remote rivers in the world,” said Team Dagger Manager, Chris Gragtmans. “It’s humbling to work with such talented, accomplished, passionate people who all bring something unique to the table.”

The four new additions to Team Dagger bring years of kayaking experience, world records and competition wins to the team.

Adriene Levknecht is recognized as one of the top female whitewater kayakers in the world, with six wins at the Green River Narrows Race and a World Freestyle Championship bronze medal under her belt. Levknecht will also increase her involvement in First Descents, the non-profit founded by veteran teammate Brad Ludden that runs kayaking and adventure camps for young adults fighting cancer.

Professional kayaker Ben Brown has dropped into unexplored whitewater all over the world and inspired a generation of boaters to go further and bigger than ever before. Dagger joins the ranks of GoPro and Red Bull to support Brown in his adventures.

Brad McMillan, longtime Ambassador for Dagger, has officially joined Team Dagger for 2015. Known for his open canoe waterfall record, this year McMillan has a packed schedule that includes the GoPro Games, US Team Trials, North Fork Championship, Payette River Games, Gauley Fest, Green Race and several local races. He will be vying for medals in both kayaking and C1 competitions.

Multi-sport phenom Haley Mills is a top-ranked female in both freestyle kayaking and whitewater SUP events and she will be competing at the US Freestyle Team Trials and other freestyle events this year.

Returning to Team Dagger are several veterans who will be competing in the freestyle and creek race circuits at events including the U.S. Freestyle Team Trials, GoPro Games, North Fork Championship, Payette River Games, Little White Race, Gauley Fest, and the Green Race.

Team Dagger plays an invaluable role in R&D, providing feedback that informs and inspires boat design, outfitting and safety features and helps Dagger make high performance kayaks ideal for the full spectrum of water conditions.

Team Dagger 2015:

Adriene Levknecht

Andrew Holcombe

Anna Levesque

Ben Brown

Brad Ludden

Brad McMillan

Brendan Wells

Chris Gragtmans

Galen Volckhausen

Gareth Tate

Haley Mills

Hannah Kertesz

Laura Farrell

Malcolm Smith

Martina Wegman

Max Karlsson

Ryan Mooney

Todd Wells

Tom Janney

Tomasz Czaplicki

Tyler Bradt

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