You always make the best friends during challenging times. TRAK Kayaks is pleased to announce a new partnership with Level Six, a leading Canadian manufacturer of world-class drysuits, safety equipment and other paddling garments.

Being one with water is what TRAK is in service of. Back in 2017, TRAK started a commitment to skills development and progression, so the community can get the most from their experiences paddling. When the pandemic began earlier this year, TRAK started their Sea Kayak Skills Accelerator program. From that a need emerged for immersion gear and drygear apparel.

TRAK scanned the market to curate the best complementary gear they could find. They arrived at none other than Level Six, from Canada’s capital in Ottawa. TRAK discovered that the backstories of TRAK and Level Six have some interesting parallels, rooted in a commitment to the water lifestyle.

To celebrate the new partnership, customers can get a free Level Six drysuit when pre-ordering a TRAK 2.0 for 2021. Simply select your TRAK Immersion Bundle Add-on + Pay in Full to claim your drysuit.  Find out more here.



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