1. John Webster


This freelance photographer and videographer out of Boise, Idaho describes his passion as coming from seeing the devotion people put into their sports and selves when they explore their surroundings. We are big fans of his photos of huge waterfalls, boofy rivers and the paddlers who love them. The odd shot of perfect snow-covered pillows doesn’t hurt either. Explore more of Webster’s images.

2. Tegan Owens


Owens is a photographer living in British Columbia and capturing beautiful images from her travels, whitewater kayaking trips and bootie beers. One of our favorites is of kayaker Kiah Schaepe styling Upper Cheak Falls while someone slacklines across the river in the foreground. Oh, and her dog is super cute too. See more of her work here.

3. Nick Gottlieb 

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Nick Gottlieb


Gottlieb’s photographs will get you stoked on paddling, but they also highlight the beauty of the natural world where some of the best whitewater lives. His captures of sweeping, moss-green forest with narrow rivers snaking through make us appreciate our paddling destinations ever more. Gottlieb also shoots lots of dreamy ski and mountain bike photos. Check out more of his images. 

4. Ryan Creary


Based in the mountain mecca of Revelstoke, BC, Creary’s feed is full of whitewater shots taken from creative angles. One of our favorites from this outdoor culture and mountain sports photographer is a shot of a bright yellow kayak being portaged down a waterfall on the Ram River in Alberta. See Creary’s website here.

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5. Peter Holcombe


Peter Holcombe is an outdoor lifestyle and adventure sports photographer whose feed is full of photos from whitewater kayaking events and adventures travelling the country with his wife Kathy and daughter Abby (who is an awesome kayaker!) See more of Holcombe’s work.

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Peter Holcombe 

6. Robin Carleton


Based in Missoula, Montana, Carleton specializes in adventure sports and landscape photography. His expert use of light, varied kayaking destinations and #whitewaterwednesday posts make his feed pretty awesome. We also like a recent shot of his two-month old daughter napping after summiting a mountain. Check out Carleton’s website.

7. Trevor Lyden


This Southeast Alaska-raised, Bend-based photographer takes awesome photos on his paddling adventures in California, Oregon, Washington and beyond, as well as biking, skiing and wildlife.

See Lyden’s work here.

Screen Shot 2016 06 20 at 3.27.58 PM

Trevor Lyden 

8. Ciarán Heurteau


This Irish kayaker and photographer takes you along on his paddling adventures to Norway, Alaska and New Zealand with crisp images, lots of action and more than a few killer mountain shots. Visit his website to see more images.


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9. Eric Parker


Parker’s Instagram feed makes us want to drop everything immediately and head to the river. He is an experienced adventure photographer and also works with video production companies like Mountain Mind Collective, Substantial Media House and River Roots. From paddling the Susitna River in Alaska with Ben Marr to the North Fork of the American River with Evan Garcia, he always seems to be kayaking somewhere awesome. Explore more of his work.

10. Josh Neilson


Like photos of big drops? Kiwi photographer Josh Neilson spends half the year in New Zealand and half overseas exploring and shooting cool projects. His feed is full of images of kayakers sending it over waterfalls and a lot of really cool aerial shots. Visit his website here.

11. Darin McQuoid


We like McQuoid’s photography because not only does he take epic shots of drops and big water, but we also get to see more of the culture that surrounds paddling. From shots at camp on a California paddling trip to portaging to kayak shoe repair, McQuoid gives us a beautiful look at all the details that surrounding kayaking. See more of his work here.

12. Mike Leeds


Leeds, an Idaho native, has a feed full of gorgeous landscapes, shots from big name kayaking events and paddlers going big on fun features. There’s also one of his friend’s Subaru loaded high with kayaks that ended up in Juicer rapid on the North Fork Payette River when the parking break gave out during scouting. Ouch. Check out Leeds’ website here.

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