Oru Kayak has pushed the boundaries of its original origami-inspired design to create the brand’s most affordable and universally approachable boat yet, the Lake. Composed of only two loose parts, the Lake can be assembled in under 2 minutes and weighs just 18 lbs, making it the lightest non-inflatable kayak on the market. Affordability also parallels the Lake’s simplicity. At MSRP $699, the Lake provides an opportunity for more people to own a beautiful, highly functional piece of durable origami design that will provide years of on-water joy.

Photo Courtesy of About Oru Kayak

Photo Courtesy of About Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak Lake Specs
Assembly Time: 2 minutes
Weight: 18 lbs
Lenght: 9′
Width: 32″
In box form: 42”x10”x18”
MSRP: $699

To create a superior user experience, Oru recognized the need to distill its kayak design as close as possible to single-sheet origami art. Fewer moving parts translates to less weight and a more efficient assembly experience. The 9’ X 32” wide Lake has only two loose components: a single sheet of double layered polypropylene which forms the hull and deck of the kayak (as well as the box), and a custom folded floorboard with built-in 18mm memory foam seat. Whereas other Oru models rely on users to install bulkheads to provide rigidity, the Lake employs an innovative new folded floorboard to create the same structural integrity. With bulkheads, footrests, trim, and individual seat components removed, the Lake weighs an eye-catching 18 lbs –10% less than the next lightest Oru kayak – making it the most lightweight non-inflatable kayak in the world. Regardless of strength or age, the Lake allows more people to transport, carry, and store a fully functional kayak on their own.

The Lake can be assembled in under 2 minutes – 33% faster than Oru’s Inlet kayak. In box form (42”x10”x18”), the Lake is similar in size to the Inlet, Oru’s next smallest boat. However, unlike the Inlet, Oru’s collapsible paddle can nest within the Lake to create a compact, all-in-one package that can be stored three deep in the trunk of a car or under a couch.

Photo Courtesy of About Oru Kayak
Photo Courtesy of About Oru Kayak

“The defining principle of this boat is simplicity both in terms of customer accessibility and design ethos,” commented Oru Founder and Chief Design Officer, Anton Willis. “Eliminating things is difficult, especially when we’re committed to the same standards of durability and user experience as our performance models. However, we make origami kayaks, and this boat is the essence of that–it’s the most purely ‘origami’ thing we’ve ever made,” Willis continued.

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In an on-going effort to make on-water recreation accessible to more people, Oru paid special attention to the Lake’s price tag. At MSRP of $699 (or $450 for a limited time on Kickstarter), the Lake is notably $200 less than the brand’s most affordable kayak.

The Kickstarter runs until Thursday, May 5. For more information, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/orukayak/oru-kayak-lake


About Oru Kayak

Founded in 2012, Oru Kayak is a leading innovator in the kayaking industry and the first to bring a foldable kayak to market utilizing the principles of origami. Beyond the functionality of its engineering, the Oru Kayak stands apart from the competition for its superb on the water performance, durability, easy assembly, and stylish design. Based in Emeryville CA, Oru Kayak is sold in dozens of countries across five continents including Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. For more information visit orukayak.com


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