Paddle in the Park Contest

There has never been a greater need to unplug and reconnect. The Paddle In The Park Contest was created to inform and remind people of the many rewards of getting outside, from our health and well being, to support parks and wild places. What better way and more exciting way to do this than with a chance to find a handcrafted canoe paddle, hidden somewhere along the many vast water trails in Ontario?

With the hope to encourage more people to get out there, Badger Paddles and got together with a number of Ontario paddlesports industry leaders to help promote spending time in the wilderness (parks and conservation areas, as well as other remote locations) by way of an interesting campaign. They put together 9+1 Rewards and Reasons to spend time in nature, every day this summer; and new for 2015, developed a “Paddle Points” system so those who are unable to take part in the paddle-seeking part of this popular event, will still have a chance to share their love of nature, all while increasing their chance of winning some cool gear and other prizes.

There’s a paddle in the park, waiting for you to find it. If you find it, you keep it. 

The paddle-seeking portion of the contest starts July and runs until September 15th, 2015 or until all the paddles are found. The PADDLE POINTS portion of the contest opens July 15th, 2015 and closes September 30th, 2015 with winners to be announced shortly after. Be sure to read the contest rules before you enter.

There are six Badger Canoe Paddles hidden along the portage trails of some of the more popular canoeing destinations of Ontario.
• Clues to their specific location will be offered throughout the summer, becoming increasingly specific
• Hidden paddles are marked with a special collectors wooden tag with instructions and other information
• Once you find a paddle, contact Paddle in the Park and they’ll send you the rest of the prize package
• Prizes, besides the hidden paddles, include a subscription to Canoeroots magazine, along with more prizes and gear as provided by Algonquin Outfitters,, Badger Paddles, The Happy Camper, Killarney Outfitters, Cabin Falls EcoLodge, Jeff’s Map, Trailhead Paddleshack – Ottawa, Wild Rock, Algonquin Basecamp, Sojourn, The Canadian Canoe Museum and more!
Obviously many people are going to be out looking for these hidden Badger paddles, so if you are travelling the Ontario wilderness by canoe this summer, keep your eyes open for a tagged canoe paddle (in a black Badger Paddle Sock) along the portage trails.

There are a limited number of PADDLE POINTS up for grabs this summer.
• Upload photos of you and your friends completing tasks from our official list of various outdoor related challenges in exchange for Paddle Points and a chance to win gear and prizes from our fabulous sponsors, including a new Prospector from Nova Craft Canoe and more
• By incorporating the official PITPC hashtag #RewardsAreOutThere in your photos, or when you include a copy of the official PADDLE POINTS Flag image, you automatically double your points value for each verified photo!
• PITPC prize packs include the title classes Explorer, Pathfinder, Voyageur, and the coveted 1st class title of Wilderness Guide.
• Share your PADDLE POINTS photos and adventures with everyone over the summer and at the end of the contest, entrants within each title class will have a chance to win the prize pack for their coinciding title class and more!

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