Whether you are planning your first visit to Algonquin Park, or you are an experienced tripper looking to rent an ultralight canoe for an ambitious backcountry adventure, these Algonquin Park outfitters make the journey from parking lot to paddling route simple and affordable.

Some Algonquin outfitters canoe rentals are located at popular backcountry access points so you can leave directly from their dock. Many outfitters also offer delivery to other access points or even right to your Algonquin Park campsite. Kayak rentals are also available in some locations.

[This article is part of the Ultimate Algonquin Park Travel Guide 2021. Find all the resources you need to plan an adventure-filled trip to Algonquin Park.]

Algonquin Park canoe rentals

Algonquin Outfitters

From featherweight Kevlar canoe rentals to SUP and kayak rentals, as well as a full line of camping gear for hire, Algonquin Outfitters has everything you need to head out into the park for two days or two weeks. Their well-stocked retail shops are excellent places to pick up last-minute camping essentials.

Established in 1961, Algonquin Outfitters also offer guided day trips and overnight canoe trips in Algonquin Park, and their local experts can help you plan your own canoe trip from start to finish. When you’ve decided on a destination for your paddling adventure, choose from one of Algonquin Outfitters’ convenient rental locations in or near Algonquin Park.

The Algonquin Outfitters stores at Oxtongue Lake (near the West Gate) and Lake Opeongo (in the Park at Access Point #11) both offer access point delivery along Algonquin Park’s popular Highway 60 corridor. The Opeongo base also provides free campsite delivery to select campgrounds.

New in 2023, Algonquin Outfitters will be running the store at Canoe Lake (Access Point #5). For canoe and kayak rentals on the Park’s west side, check out Algonquin Outiftters’ downtown Huntsville store. The outfitters’ in-the-park Brent location (at Cedar Lake Access Point #27) is perfect for canoe trips originating on Algonquin’s north side.

Finally, if you’re looking to rent canoes or kayaks to explore the south side of Algonquin Park, visit Algonquin Outfitters’ Haliburton or Minden stores.

Oxtongue Lake location

1035 Algonquin Outfitters Rd., Dwight, ON, P0A 1H0

Phone: 800-469-4948 / 705-635-2243

Lake Opeongo location

Lake Opeongo, Hwy 60, Algonquin Park Access Point #11

Phone: 888-280-8886 / 613-637-2075

Canoe Lake location

Canoe Lake, Hwy 60, Algonquin Park Access Point #5

Phone: 705-633-5235

Huntsville location

86 Main St. East, Huntsville, ON, P1H 2C7

Phone: 800-469-4948 / 705-787-0262

Haliburton location

218 Highland St., Haliburton, ON, K0M 1S0

Phone: 866-KAYAKS-0 / 705-457-3737

Minden location

12667 Hwy 35, Minden, ON, K0M 2K0

Phone: 866-KAYAKS-0 / 705-286-1492

Brent location

Cedar Lake, Algonquin Park Access Point #27

Phone: 800-469-4948 / 705-635-2243


Algonquin Bound

With three convenient locations, Algonquin Bound provides all of the canoe, kayak, camping and fishing equipment and expertise you need to explore Algonquin Park. The outfitter offers contactless canoe, kayak and gear rentals for quick, easy pick-up.

Algonquin Bound also specializes in access point and campsite delivery/pick-up to over 30 locations throughout Algonquin Park, as well as vehicle shuttle service to every access point in the park for those planning a linear (one-way) trip. Once you’ve decided where you want to paddle, contact the outfitters’ nearest location for assistance: Algonquin Bound stores are based in Dwight (West Gate), Madawaska (East Gate) and Pembroke (Barron Canyon/Achray access points).

New to Algonquin Park? Algonquin Bound’s introductory course in canoeing and interior camping is designed to enable those who have little or no experience with canoe tripping to enjoy a safer, more enjoyable adventure in the park. Self-guided and guided trip packages from one to five days are also available.

West Gate location

5280 Hwy 60, Dwight, ON, P0A 1H0

Phone: 800-704-4537 / 613-637-5508

Madawaska location

Hwy 60 and Major Lake Rd., Madawaska, ON, K0J 2C0

Phone: 800-704-4537 / 613-637-5508

Barron Canyon location

525 Barron Canyon Rd., Pembroke, ON, K8A 6W7

Phone: 800-704-4537 / 613-637-5508


The Portage Outpost

Formerly known as The Portage Store, which operated the store on Canoe Lake, The Portage Outpost is “the last stop before the Park,” just outside the West Gate on Hwy 60. The outfitter offers canoe rentals, gear rentals and complete outfitting.

They also offer shuttle services, campground and access point delivery, and guided day trips.


5280 Hwy 60, Oxtongue Lake near the West Gate

Phone: 705-635-3277



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Voyageur Quest Outfitting

If you are looking to explore the northwest corner of Algonquin Park and the large, lightly traveled lakes of the Park’s north side, Voyageur Quest Outfitting makes for an easy, full service departure point. Situated on Kawawaymog Lake at Algonquin Access Point #1, this Algonquin Park canoe trip outfitter offers canoe, SUP and kayak rentals, overnight cabins, shuttle service, meals and accommodation, and guided canoe trips led by Algonquin wilderness guides and naturalists.

Along with providing your Algonquin canoe rentals, Voyageur Quest Outfitting is also a one-stop shop for arranging permits, parking and complete outfitting packages. First-time canoe trippers should ask about Voyageur Quest’s Algonquin Starter Package. This quick yet comprehensive package includes trip planning guidance and an on-water lesson when you arrive, so beginners enjoy a safe and rewarding trip.


Kawawaymog Lake, Algonquin Park Access Point #1

Phone: 647-478-2959 (May–September) / 416-486-3605 (October–April)


Opeongo Outfitters

This third-generation Algonquin Park canoe outfitter has been helping visitors experience the park since 1936. Based near the East Gate on Highway 60, Opeongo Outfitters is a convenient rental location for those approaching Algonquin from the east, or for any trips beginning on the Park’s east side. They are a full service outfitter, providing canoe rentals and sales, complete outfitting packages, canoe delivery to park campgrounds and access points, shuttle service, guided day trips and a well-stocked campers’ store for last-minute essentials.

Opeongo Outfitters also operate a water taxi service on Lake Opeongo, shuttling canoes and trippers across this vast lake in beautiful, traditional wooden boats. The water taxi service is perfect for inexperienced paddlers and anyone short on time, reducing your travel on Opeongo’s sometimes windy and rough waters from several hours to just a few minutes.


29902 Hwy 60, Whitney, ON, K0J 2M0

Phone: 800-790-1864 / 613-637-5470


Algonquin Basecamp

Situated in the village of Kearney, Algonquin Basecamp is a convenient one-stop shop for those beginning their canoe trip on the west side of Algonquin Park at Access Points #2, #3 or #4. This friendly, family-run outfitter provides canoe and kayak rentals, gear rentals, complete outfitting, canoe delivery, trip planning, shuttle service, a retail shop and accommodations for canoe trippers.

Algonquin Basecamp is located across from the park permit office in Kearney, directly en route to Tim Lake (Access #2), Magnetawan Lake (Access #3) and Rain Lake (Access #4). The owners are passionate about the park’s less-traveled “wild west” side and eager to assist with making your dream canoe trip a reality.


15 Main St., Kearney, ON, P0A 1M0

Phone: 705-636-1616 (May–October) / 705-783-2005 (off-season)



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Canoe Algonquin

Just up the road in Kearney, Canoe Algonquin is another great option for those heading to Algonquin’s Tim Lake (Access #2), Magnetawan Lake (Access #3) and Rain Lake (Access #4). With over 35 years of experience outfitting Algonquin backcountry adventures, Canoe Algonquin offers competitive canoe, kayak and SUP rentals and sales, gear rental, trip planning assistance and rental delivery to the above access points.


1914 Hwy 518 E, Kearney, ON, P0A 1M0

Phone: 705-636-5956


Northern Wilderness Outfitters

Situated on Kawawaymog Lake at Algonquin Access Point #1, Northern Wilderness Outfitters is a convenient departure point for journeys into the northwest corner of Algonquin Park. This is the nearest outfitter for canoe trips to lovely North Tea Lake, with on-site parking and canoe rentals that leave right from their dock. Founded in 1968, Northern Wilderness Outfitters also offers equipment rentals, guided weekend trips and complete outfitting packages with chalet accommodation.


Kawawaymog Lake, Algonquin Park Access Point #1

Phone: 705-825-0466


Algonquin Portage Store & Outfitters

Planning a canoe trip to the breathtaking Barron Canyon, mighty Petawawa River, High Falls or Grand Lake area on the east side of Algonquin Park? Algonquin Portage Store & Outfitters is located right on your route into the park, just 15 minutes from Sand Lake Gate, making this comprehensive outfitting service a convenient one-stop shop. Services include: canoe, kayak and SUP rentals, equipment rental and sales, trip planning, vehicle shuttles, canoe delivery/pick-up, camping supplies, on-site hot showers and lodging.


1352 Barron Canyon Rd., Pembroke, ON, K8A 6W7

Phone: 613-735-1795


Swift Canoe & Kayak

Known for their exceptionally light and beautifully crafted composite canoes and kayaks, Swift Canoe & Kayak offers canoe, kayak and paddleboard rentals from their South River location near Algonquin Access Point #1 (Kawawaymog Lake). Known as Swift Canoe & Kayak’s “Factory Outlet”, you can also purchase canoes and kayaks from this store.


281 Hwy 124, South River, ON, P0A 1X0

Phone: 705-386-0440


Deep Roots Adventure

Deep Roots Adventure‘s Kingscote Outpost provides equipment rentals at Algonquin’s south gate. Outfitting includes canoe, kayak, paddleboard and camping equipment rentals. They also have a retail shop where you can pick up last-minute items before your trip. Delivery and shuttles are also available.


4071 Elephant Lake Road, Harcourt, ON, K0L 1M1

Phone: 705-306-0631


How does canoe delivery in Algonquin work?

Can you rent canoes in Algonquin Park and have them delivered right to your campsite or access point? Yes, in fact it is very easy and affordable to do so! Most of the outfitters listed above offer delivery with your canoe rental reservation, to either the access point of your choice or to select Algonquin Park campgrounds (either to your campsite or to the campground beach).

Generally, expect the cheapest delivery fees ($15–$20) for locations along the Highway 60 corridor, with some outfitters offering free delivery to the park’s most popular access points and campgrounds. In peak summer season, outfitters pick up and drop off twice daily from busy access points/campgrounds. Simply let your outfitter know when you are booking your canoe rental where you’d like to pick it up, and they can provide you with a quote.

How much will it cost?

The cost of an Algonquin Park canoe or kayak rental depends on two factors: 1) How many days you are renting (outfitters offer a lower per day rate for longer rentals), and 2) The material and style of the rental canoe, kayak or paddleboard. Remember to ask whether your rental package includes essentials like paddles, lifejackets/PFDs, safety kit, etc.

Rental rates vary from $30/day for a durable, heavier plastic canoe to $45-$50/day for a featherweight Kevlar canoe, specialized whitewater tripping canoe or 3-person canoe. Kayak rentals range from $25-$30/day for a solo recreational kayak to around $40/day for a solo touring kayak or tandem kayak. For a standup paddleboard (SUP) rental, you’ll pay $30/day for a plastic beginner board and $40/day for a deluxe fibreglass SUP. When it comes to rental period, expect a 15 percent discount for canoe and kayak rentals of 5 days or more, 25 percent for more than 7 days.

Backcountry camping & canoe campsites

Experience Algonquin Park at its most rugged and wild: a vast landscape of maple hills, rocky ridges, spruce bogs and thousands of lakes, ponds and streams. Now that you know where to rent canoes in Algonquin Park, you can enter the backcountry by paddle and portage to sample more than 2,000 kilometres of canoe routes and over 1,900 canoe campsites. Discover some of our favourite Algonquin backcountry sites here: Plan Your Dream Algonquin Park Backcountry Camping Trip Now.

Escape the shore. | Photo courtesy of: Ontario Tourism


  1. Hey there! Just a heads up that Pine Grove Point sold and is now Harmony Resort South Algonquin, and they no longer do outfitting. The Outfitter for the Algonquin South Gate (Kingscote Access Point 15) is now Deep Roots Adventure. They are located at 4071 Elephant Lake Road. They have high quality equipment and a great retail section complete with snack and cold drinks for tired paddlers! Delivery and Shuttles are available. Phone 705-854-0628 or visit http://www.deeprootsadventure.com to book or for more details. 🙂


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