It was a dream trip. We paddled the Zambezi every day, from rapid Number Three down to Number 23. Every day, for an entire week.

After a day of spectacular high-volume rapids, we relaxed on our shuttle back to our hotel. Even along the Zambezi, an elephant crossing is not so common.

They moved quickly. Too fast for my tripmate and filmmaker Olaf Obsommer, who’s always sleeping like a baby once an engine gets started.

It’s an old picture—probably 2002. I had one of the first digital cameras with me as a second body, but for this shot, I trusted the old-fashioned way.

Film on my good old Fuji Velvia 50. I shot many pictures during my time traveling the world in a kayak, but if I had to pick just one shot from that decade, this picture is it.

Featured Photo: Michael Neumann


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