Camping and Glacier Kayaking By Helicopter

Fly into the mountains for the most unique experience around

Picture this. You pack everything for your camping and kayaking trip into a helicopter in Vancouver, British Columbia. The helicopter then takes you through the mountains giving you some of the nicest views you can possibly find on your way to your first campsite. The helicopter lands on an island on a lake that is so remote, no one has ever seen it. You spend a few days here before taking the scenic route back, making a quick pit-stop to paddle the waters of a glacier. Does it get much better than this?

For those looking for an epic and unique travel experience to pad those Instagram accounts, you might be interested in trying out a camping and glacier kayaking trip by helicopter.

Compass Heli Tours is a company based in Abbotsford, BC that does a variety of unique experiences by helicopter. How much fishing pressure do you think a lake gets when one of the only ways to access it is a helicopter? Not much.

While the environmentally friendly side of me says that this shouldn’t be a thing, I can’t help but think about how cool this experience would be. Maybe when electric helicopters become more prominent it will be a little easier to fully support this idea.

This company does everything from basic sightseeing tours (that really aren’t so basic) all the way to the extraordinary camping and kayaking trips that are featured in the above video.

The only downside is the price tag that comes along with these adventures. A simple tour of Abbotsford starts at $500 and packages then increase to over $7,000 for the overnight camping adventures. While these are some hefty prices to pay for an overnight trip, it’s hard not to appreciate how epic a trip like this would really be.


  1. Really… How are more helicopters flying around in the wilderness saving these glacier environments? The tourism model needs to start changing and getting with the times.


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