Paddleboarder Fights Off Snappy Alligator (Video)

“Somebody’s been feeding that gator”

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A woman paddleboarding at a Florida spring experienced an uncomfortably close encounter with an alligator. In a recent interview, the paddleboarder claimed that the “gator” in question tried snapping at her board, just moments before the camera started rolling.

“This gator comes out of nowhere and it comes in between the two kayaks and straight for my paddleboard and then he opened his mouth and almost bit my paddleboard,” Vicky Baker said in an interview with News 6.

Baker can be seen swatting at the alligator with her paddle in an attempt to nudge it out of her way. Unsurprisingly, the large reptile retaliated with a warning hiss.

Though both parties came away from the incident unharmed, Baker suspects the alligator may have previously been fed by humans and may pose a threat to others on the water. She made sure to alert park rangers to the situation before leaving the park.

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