Video: Sadat Kawawa Unleashes On The White Nile

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Sadat Kawawa was born in Uganda, on the banks of the Nile. He grew up paddling the whitewater of the Nile, working every day to become the best. So when Unleashed announced that their inaugural event would be held in Uganda on the Nile, it was Sadat’s perfect opportunity.

 The white Nile is a unique waterway. The monstrous rapids are unseen in most other locations. The Send crew created Unleashed and chose the Nile to truly see who is the world’s best all-around whitewater kayaker.

Unleashed included four events, two big wave freestyle events and two races. The competitor with the best results overall wins. A win by Sadat would put Uganda on the map.

So how did the hometown hero do in Unleashed? You’ll have to watch the full movie to find out.

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