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Leeway Collective’s teaser for upcoming The Undamaged documentary on the Vjosa River.


Video: Leeway Collective

The new teaser for upcoming documentary The Undamaged shows how important the Balkan Peninsula’s Vjosa River is for the kayakers, locals and environmentalists who hope to halt dam development on the deep blue waterway.  

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The Vjosa River is the last big river in Europe without a dam, leaving it to flow freely for 270 kilometers from its origins in Greece through Albania.

Concern for the future of this river is high as 38 hydroelectric power plants are planned for the river. While the kayakers who have strong connections to the rapids on the Vjosa are concerned, so are the villagers along the banks, many of whom were not aware of the plans and may have their livelihoods compromised.

The full-length documentary will be released in 2017 by Leeway Collective.

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