First Look: Jobe Watersports Touring Boards

Jobe Watersports produces all type of watersport’s products in the Netherlands, but about nine years ago they put their hats in the standup paddleboard game. Because inflatables are much larger in Europe than the US, Jobe had to make great inflatable SUPS quickly.

One of those great iSUPS is the Jobe Touring Shape. This touring board is 12-foot long, 30-inches wide and six-inches thick. Jobe also offers one of the highest thread count of the drop-stitch material in the market, so the board becomes more rigid as the inflation goes up.

The touring board also has really high capacity for inflation at 20-psi (standard for the industry is 15-psi). Jobe also laminates all of the board’s components together, instead of glue. That makes this board lighter than most in the marketplace.

For more info on Jobe, watch the video below:


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