A review of the P&H Hammer sea kayak by Adventure Kayak magazine.

Three years ago, the P&H Delphin was considered radical. Since then, the pioneering playboat has gained significant traction amongst the traditionally conservative sea kayaking community. P&H Sea Kayaks owner and designer Graham Mackereth admits his design team had no idea the Delphin would be so well received—only a hunch that the timing was right for a sportier sea kayak.

Now, the Delphin has set the stage for an even more radical design, the Hammer—prompting P&H to define a whole new category in their line-up: ocean play.

Given their pedigree—Mackereth founded Pyranha whitewater kayaks in 1971 and acquired P&H in 2003; and designers Rich Taylor and Robert Peerson split their time between modeling kayaks for rivers and sea—it’s no surprise P&H are leading the way in this emerging niche.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Hammer is that it’s built like a whitewater kayak…

P&H Hammer specs

Length: 13 ft
 8 in
Width: 24.5 in
Weight: 50 lbs
Price: $1,799
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