The Virgo takes day and weekend trips seriously. This performance polyethylene touring kayak is inspired by the well-loved Scorpio, a P&H sea kayak for making miles. The Virgo is influenced by its efficient design but is built specifically for paddlers who want to make the most of day and weekend trips. Like the Scorpio, the Virgo tracks straight when flat, and will swing effortlessly on edge. At 14’5”, its waterline provides good hull speed for short to medium journeys, while its shorter length keeps the boat’s weight manageable at 53 pounds.

Length: 14’5”
Width: 23”
Volume: 83 gal
Weight: 53 lbs
Load: 121-220 lbs

“The Virgo has plenty of speed and maneuverability with the features of a day and weekend kayak,” says P&H Sea Kayaks’ Mathew Wilkinson.

P&H Virgo Construction

The Virgo is constructed from a rugged Corelite X material, which is a three-layer sandwich of polyethylene. Corelite X increases hull stiffness when compared to Corelite, which allows it to cut more cleanly and efficiently through the water. The Corelite X material is also between six to 13 pounds lighter than Corelite, which makes the boat easier to handle both on and off the water.

“It’s nice and light on the roof,” adds Wilkinson.

P&H Virgo Accessories

The Virgo features bow and stern main hatches, plus a bow mini hatch. The bow mini hatch allows for extra storage so you can keep on water essentials close at hand—like drinks and sunscreen. Each of the hatches features a top-notch dry hatch cover, thanks to KajakSport.

Also included are full deck lines and elastics for versatile storage and rescue options, as well as P&H’s Connect outfitting, which has an adjustable backrest and hip pads for comfort and control. The Virgo is available with a Skudder, which offers the best of both a skeg and a rudder. Paddlers can partially deploy it to work as a skeg, or fully deploy it to work as an ultra-efficient, under-stern rudder.

Available in Sunbeam yellow, Lava orange, Ocean Turquoise blue.


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