Best Whitewater Safety Gear for 2020: Throw Bags &...

Discover some of the year's best whitewater safety gear from Kokatat, Level Six, Predator and Shred Ready. Helmets and...

Kokatat Huck 50 Throw Bag with Belt

In a rescue emergency, every second counts. Kokatat’s new Huck 50 Throw Bag with Belt is designed to deploy...

Kokatat Hustle and HustleR PFDs

For whitewater and touring paddlers, Kokatat released the Hustle paddler vest and HustleR, rescue version PFD. The Hustle is a...

11 Pocket Items To Complete Your PFD Kit

Nobody's kit is perfect, but these essentials are a good start.

7 River Safety Essentials To Take On The River

Responsible river runners usually take some formal swiftwater rescue training. At the end of the course they then purchase...

Helle Algonquin Neck Knife Review

Helle Algonquin Neck Knife Norwegian manufacturer Helle has been making heirloom-quality knives for four generations. Their newest model, the...

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