Standup paddleboards are a great grab-and-go option for water babies, but longer, wider and heavier boards still need some help getting to the launch.

Suspenz developed the Double Up SUP Beach Cart and EZ Fold SUP Portable Stands are a two-step solution to handling a big, heavy SUP. After removing the SUP from the roof racks or truck bed, set it horizontally on the portable stands to install a box fin or stick the board in the V-cradle keep the board from being damaged on the ground.

The EZ Fold stands work great for storage at home, too. Once the board is assembled and waxed up, set it in the Double-Up SUP Beach Cart with a padded cradle for two full-size SUPs. The balloon tires will traverse any terrain, moving two SUPs with two fingers on the padded handle. To maintain air pressure in the low-pressure tires, Suspenz includes a special air pump. Using the SUP Beach Cart and EZ Fold stand makes it easy to grab your SUP and go.


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