7 Best Kayak Paddles for 2020

Discover the best blades to get you on the water in 2020.

Discover some of the year’s best kayak paddles from Sawyer Paddles and Oars, Aqua-Bound, GearLab, Angle Oar and Werner Paddles. These excellent designs showcase superior touring performance and are dependable in any conditions.

The Best Kayak Paddles

Trout Unlimited Copperhead Kayak Paddle from Sawyer Paddles

Price: $395

Sawyer’s perfect all-around performance touring kayak paddle for the recreational paddler. Features an ovalized straight shaft with a large grip for easy indexing. The stunning and buoyant dihedral carved paddle blade cores are reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber and Sawyer’s distinctive Dynel ToughEdge providing reinforcement for inevitable impacts. A percentage of every paddle sold helps TU.

Versa Adaptive Kayak Paddle from Angle Oar

Price: $315

Versa opens up kayaking for people with shoulder or back injuries, physical disabilities (including one-arm amputees), or limited upper body strength. Versa comes with a mount for sit-in kayaks that supports the weight of the paddle, reducing joint stress and creating a smaller range of motion. Can be used straight or angled. Great for adaptive paddling, military or parks and rec programs.

Tango Fiberglass from Aqua-Bound

Price: $289.95

A few years ago the Tango came out of the gates and converted kayakers with its flutter-free forward stroke and effortless weight (just 26 ounces). Now a trusted companion on the water, the Tango has the look and feel that consumers are coming into shops asking for. New this year is the Green Tide pattern that really stands out on and off the water. Hand-built in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Kalleq from Gearlab Outdoors

Price: $438

The Kalleq offers kayakers the ultimate touring experience. It is the lightest and strongest paddle in Gearlab’s line, thanks to its revolutionary engineering, brilliant design, premium materials and seamless carbon fiber construction.

Surge from Werner Paddles

Price: $260

For those paddlers seeking the utmost power and dependable catch in a high-impact resistant fiberglass layup. Tested by some of the best expedition kayakers in the world on some of the most demanding rivers. The Surge delivers confidence with every stroke.

Whiskey Fiberglass Bent from Aqua-Bound

Price: $399.95

The Whiskey is a high-angle paddlers dream about, offering unmatched horsepower and torque with minimal effort. Add in the natural bent shaft and you leave fatigue in the rearview mirror. Now available in the Green Tide pattern, the three blade options are sure to make a real statement on the water. Hand-built in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Gamut Mount-Supported Paddle Holder from Angle Oar

Price: $170

The Gamut Paddle Holder supports the weight of your paddle, reducing stress on shoulders, joints and back. It comes with a support mount that attaches to most sit-in kayaks. The rotating head allows the paddle to move in every direction. Perfect for longtime paddlers who aren’t ready to give up kayaking due to age or injury. Great for adaptive paddling, military and parks and rec programs.


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