EJ On Jackson’s New Antix and Nirvana

Eric Jackson showed off two new whitewater kayaks from Jackson Kayak today at Outdoor Retailer.

Jackson Kayak’s Antix

This playful creek boat is designed to be an all-arounder. The length, volume and edges are optimized to squirt, be lightweight compared to creek boats, and offer extreme maneuverability. Short, slicey ends allow for squirting, splatting, and down-river fun, while a planing hull is great for surfing, spinning and stability. Available in two sizes: small/medium and medium/large.

The Antix delivers a great experience for beginners, intermediate and advanced kayakers who want to take advantage of river features, technical rapids, downstream play moves and easy paddling. The Antix will be available at Jackson Kayak dealers in 2017. Manufacturer suggested retail price is $1,199.


Jackson Kayak’s Nirvana

Jackson Kayak’s Nirvana is a fast, race-ready creeking boat designed to move kayakers through rapids quickly. The hull shares much of the Zen’s user-friendliness while the massive amount of rocker keeps the bow dry and clear of holes and waves. According to Jackson, the user-friendly hull shape allows racers to focus on their line and going fast, versus just trying to keep the boat under control. Expect ample stability to eliminate unwanted bracing and increase forward paddling time.



Stay tuned to Adventure Kayak and our social media channels as we bring you all the newest gear and products from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market August 2-5 in Salt Lake City, Utah. 



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