Video: Kevin Hart On Whitewater Rafting

Enjoy this hilarious bit from his 2009 stand-up show

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Kevin Hart’s bit about whitewater rafting will be sure to make you laugh. In his 2009 comedy show, “I’m A Grown Little Man”, the American comedian, actor and producer talks about a TV show that he is preparing to film. The show is based on Kevin doing things that “Black people are typically afraid of doing,” he said. He gives examples like bungee jumping, skiing, skydiving, and whitewater rafting.

Why whitewater rafting?

The producers of the show needed to know that Kevin was actually going to follow through on the show and not back out at the last minute. Kevin offered to take his family whitewater rafting to reassure the producers that he was capable of partaking in some of these more adventurous activities. The resulting trip makes great fodder for his comedy routine.

Kevin Hart's head photoshopped on a whitewater rafter's body, along with two other rafters smiling and posing

Kevin’s experience is relatable

Kevin’s description of his rafting experience is humorous, but it is one that many whitewater rafters would understand. All of the ominous safety instructions he describes being told by guides are not a stretch from what is actually shared with new rafters on a daily basis.

Anyone with previous rafting experience will recall guides giving instruction not to stand in whitewater because of potential foot entrapments, or that you must aid your own rescue by either swimming back to the raft or to one of the shores that a guide identifies before the set of rapids that you hit.

Getting wet is all part of the fun

We laugh when Kevin explains it, but every rafter can recall the first time they went whitewater rafting and were given similar instructions. We likely had a similar moment of thinking, “Nah, I’m probably going to sit this one out.

For those who have been rafting before, you know that it is the people who flip out of their rafts that usually have the most fun and who will be the ones sharing their stories by the fire that night. Raft guides are well aware of this and are the first people to purposely flip a raft to amp up the fun.

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Kevin Hart rides his own wave

Who isn’t down for a little extra fun in their life, right? Well, when it comes to whitewater rafting Kevin Hart might disagree. As great as this comedy bit is, he clearly prefers the adrenaline rush that comes from riding waves of laughter.


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