First Look: Oru Kayak’s Beach Kayak

San Fransisco-based Oru Kayak began creating their high performance foldable kayaks with the goal of making the outdoors more accessible. They have recently launched the new Beach Kayak, a simple-to-assemble foldable kayak aimed at the casual paddler.

Room for kids and dogs

The Beach Kayak comes in at 28 inches wide and 12 feet long, and is designed with great stability and enough room in the cockpit to give paddlers the option of bringing kids or dogs along as well as ease of entry. The model is intended for spontaneous day paddling trips, fishing, car camping and picnics.


The hull of the Oru Kayak is made from custom polypropylene with a 10-year UV treatment. While the company recommends treating the boats as if they were made of fiberglass, they are extremely durable

Foldable design

Oru Kayak’s chief designer and founder Anton Willis says he decided to revert back to a more simple, pared down version of their origami-inspired kayaks. “Lots of the solid parts on our previous model have been stripped away, and we refined the details to be as clean and elegant as possible.” The $1,175 Beach Kayak can be put together in three minutes and folds into a large carrying case, as seen below. 

Check out Oru Kayak here


Portability from Oru Kayak on Vimeo.


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