Iced in with nowhere to go? As more states and provinces recommend people work from home, stay home from school, cancel paddling events and practice social distancing, many are starting to feel cabin fever—especially since open water is still weeks away for northern regions.

Not to fear. Paddling Magazine has you covered with a list of suggestions to keep you calm, busy and feeling inspired.

Favorite Podcasts for Paddlers

Keep adventure on your mind with this list of 16 podcasts paddlers and adventurous souls are sure to love.

Favorite Books for Paddlers

Get our list of eight books every paddler should read (but probably hasn’t) here.

Crossword for Whitewater Kayakers

Need a clue? Consult the Best River Lingo List.

Favorite Movies for Paddlers

Watch the most recent viral paddling videos on here.

Practice Yoga

Stay bendy and ready for paddling season with these poses specific to keeping your paddling muscles loose and limber.

Dream Up Your Next Trip

Use the online Paddling Trip Guide to dream up your next big adventure, or Paddling Maps to discover new routes local to you.

Wish List Gear

Browse the best new gear for 2020 on the online Paddling Buyer’s Guide, then organize your gear closet to make room for more.

Go Paddling and Get Outside

Go paddling. Take a walk in the woods. Just be extra safe while doing it. Time in nature makes us happier, healthier and more creative—it’s not just in your mind, time outside benefits us on a physiological level. Here’s why. 

Main image: Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay


  1. Very nice article, thank you for the support! My best goes out to everyone in their respective levels of quarantine, struggle, cabin-fever, as well as search to do good for others in this time of crisis. I’m going to have a lot more free time on my hands now, as a sea kayak guide, who has no idea when my next guiding job will be. I’m curious to hear from others in this industry who find themselves out of work.. what will you do to earn an income and to contribute to paddle sports and connect with your paddling community? I’d love to hear from others.


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