Dear Rapid fans,

Twenty years ago in my very first Off the Tongue editorial, I wrote, “I’m not about to sit here in my duct-taped plastic desk chair and predict the future of this magazine, but I do have a few ideas.”

Some of you may remember, my big idea at the time was to create Rapid, a North American whitewater paddling magazine. Over the years we’ve had other great ideas like Adventure Kayak and Canoeroots magazines, the Reel Paddling Film Festival, Paddling Buyer’s Guide, and Paddling Trip Guide.

Paddling Magazine is our latest great idea. It may already have landed in your mailbox. It is a coming together of everything we’ve been working on so far, although we didn’t know it all the way.

Probably like me, you have a garage full of different boats and boards. A recent readership survey proved to us that paddlers today are enthusiasts in not just one but at least two categories, many in more. This was not the case 20 years ago when I penned that first editorial in Rapid. Millennials, our future readers, are even less likely to be avid in any one type of paddling or another—they are dabblers in everything.

Inside every issue of Paddling Magazine, like in our Paddling Buyer’s Guide and Paddling Trip Guide, there are specially branded sections for whitewater, touring and canoeing. Maintaining these branded sections showcases Rapid, Adventure Kayak and Canoeroots long-time and award-winning writers and photographers. It maintains our long-time commitment to growing all categories of paddlesports, including standup paddleboarding. Don’t worry, we won’t be watering down the tone or the content. This new format delivers the magazine you’ve grown to love, plus you get two more.

There is a fantastic alumnus of editors and designers who have been making our magazines, newsletter and websites for the first two decades. There are canoe and kayak companies, gear brands and outfitters who have advertised in every single issue. We have readers, like you maybe, who have every single issue we’ve every produced. Some of you may be thinking, why has this evolution taken so long? You may be sad with this change. Or maybe you’ve already stopped reading and have begun writing me a nasty letter. Nobody likes change. I get it. I get it more than anyone. Rapid Media is my life.

Twenty years ago in that first Off the Tongue editorial I also wrote, “As Rapid matures it will take on many different forms, constantly changing, evolving and striving to be the best paddling magazine possible.”

I don’t have all the answers. I never have. But this move feels right in my gut. I’m excited about the new Paddling Magazine.

Paddle forever.

Scott MacGregor
Founder and Publisher
Rapid Media

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