Packable Kayak Aims For $427,325 On Kickstarter

Pakayak is 34 days away from their Kickstarter deadline in an effort to raise $427,325 for their packable kayak. The Pakayak Bluefin 14 is a hard-shell 14-foot kayak that nests itself to three-and-a-half feet and packs up into a single bag.

A unique kayak construction 

The sections are held together with a clamping system and once unattached from each other can nest. The 55 pound kayak can also be carried like a backpack and is advertised as being assembled in five minutes. The kayak is made of special formula plastic, has a capacity of 300 pounds and has two hatches. 

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On their Kickstarter campaign page, the founders explain that the foldable kayak is intended to help make kayaking more accessible for those who live in cities and may not have the storage, resources or transportation necessary to hit the water with a traditional kayak. Pakayak are $310,742 away from their large crowdfunding goal. 

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