COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug 16, 2022) – HoloPundits, experts in immersive technology including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR), is excited to announce its partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). Working with ODNR’s Division of Parks and Watercraft, HoloPundits has created four unique virtual environments for the purpose of educating Ohioans about the use of personal watercraft, kayaks, and standup paddleboards on Ohio’s waterways.

These virtual experiences were recently unveiled to the public during the Ohio State Fair, and will soon go “on tour,” making stops at Ohio state parks to promote kayaking and paddleboarding as a family-friendly activity for all Ohioans.

Young girl using a VR headset while standing on a paddleboard.
Photo: Courtesy of HoloPundits

In addition to education, the virtual environments provide plenty of enchantment, allowing visitors to paddleboard or kayak through some of Ohio’s most breathtaking water features. Participants begin by selecting their watercraft and choosing between the locations of Alum Creek, Lake Erie, the Little Miami River and the Ohio River.

Guests are fitted with life jackets, an Oculus headset and two controllers (which simulate paddles). Video monitors allow viewers to see what the participants are experiencing.

Child using a VR headset on a red sit-on-top kayak.
Photo: Courtesy of HoloPundits
“This has been such a fun project for all involved,” says Colin Saunders, senior learning designer at HoloPundits. “We are thrilled to play a part in promoting the responsible enjoyment of Ohio’s beautiful waterways, using our VR expertise to demonstrate how enjoyable kayaking and paddleboarding can be in a safe environment, and reducing anxiety or fears people may have associated with these activities.”

About HoloPundits

HoloPundits is an immersive technology company with deep expertise across the entire spectrum of AR, VR and MR. With a focus on education and enterprise solutions for multiple sectors including healthcare, manufacturing and insurance, HoloPundits enthusiastically pursues new business opportunities enabled by the immense potential of these new technologies.


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