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In the past year, downriver freestyle has been taken to the next level. First, we saw Aniol Serrasolses launch the world’s first double kick-flip on Chile’s Captren River, then we witnessed Dane Jackson throw a plethora of gravity-defying tricks off of Spirit Falls. Now, before we’ve even had a chance to regain our composure, Dane Jackson has just set the bar even higher—again.

In this recent video, Dane Jackson launches a switch-freewheel off the lip of Sahalie Falls in Oregon, USA. The impressive, 90-foot drop was first run back in 1998 by a fresh-faced young ripper, Shannon Carroll. Pro kayaker and filmmaker Rush Sturges commented that at the time of the first descent, Carroll had “raised the bar of what was possible in a whitewater kayak.”

Now—over two decades years later—our definition of “what is possible” has been challenged once more. “Downriver freestyle has always been a big passion of mine and for many years I had dreamed something this big would go down,” Sturges commented in the write up for the video (filmed and produced by River Roots), “It seems we have arrived at the future (for now).”

It took a whole crew of photographers, videographers, and safety boaters to pull off this dynamic shoot. It seems the hard work paid off. Watch the full video of the impressive trick here.




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