Man saves dog and they paddle across the ocean together

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When Sergi Basoli set off to kayak the Mediterranean Sea,  he believed he would be doing it alone. Little did he know, he would come across an abandoned stray dog soon before he departed for his adventure and take the pup along for the ride.

He met his dog, Nirvana, on the streets of Sardinia. After a trip to the vet to ensure the dog was healthy, the two of them set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Basoli mentions in the video they needed to have a very strong bond and use communication throughout the trip. He had made some customizations to his kayak to protect Nirvana from the sun.

Some dogs live in condos and only get out to walk a few times a day. Nirvana got to live outdoors and see all of the amazing places Basoli was taking her. You can tell the dog is happy as it jumps in and out of the boat, running along shorelines while Basoli keeps an eye on her.

It is amazing that they were able to fit all their gear into the kayak. You can imagine the struggle of just getting your own food and gear into the boat, nevermind extra food for the dog.

Basoli got Nirvana a jacket to keep her warm from the wind. Another great option would have been getting them both a life jacket.

Many paddlers know the feeling of being stuck next to the same person for long periods of time and how frustrations can happen quite easily. We have a hunch this might not happen when your paddling partner is also your furry best friend.

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Featured Photo: Courtesy of The Dodo (Youtube)

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